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Malaysia Hindu Dharma Maamandram, which is also generally known as "Maamandram," is a National Hindu non-governmental organization (NGO) dedicated to serving Hindus in Malaysia. With approxiamately 30 active branches all over the country, Maamandram is focused mainly on religious education and spiritual development as well as social service.

Founded in 1982, Maamandram recently celebrated its 37th year of service. Maamandram aims to expand its service to the community even further and move forward in these modern times. Taking the motto "Service to the community through religion" as inspiration, the Malaysia Hindu Dharma Maamandram continues to help Hindus in Malaysia strive for excellence and prosperity.


Maamandram believes in adapting Hinduism to fit our lifestyle yet still holding on to what matters most - our roots and values. Modern yet conservative. We hope to expand our scope further and also hope this website will help to enlighten you about our organisation. We always seek volunteers who are willing to serve the community through religion which justifies our constantly widening Mamandram family. The Maamandram family welcomes you...

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