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Spiritual Development

- Illa Pojjai (Prathanai)   

- National Propagation 

- Spritual Talk 

- Parayana Peru Villa

Religious Development and Training (Policy), Planning and Coordination


-National HindhuDharma Basic Course (HBC) 

-Pre-HindhuDharma Basic Course


Religious Education


- Dharma Book (Religius Text Book)

- Teachers Traning 

My Prayer Card 


Sthothra Recital


-Draw up a syllabus for the proper recitation of Sthothras and implemet it;  conduct, organise classes.


-Organise controls and other programs for the proper recitation and  propagation of  Sthothras.


-Conduct courses and provide training in the proper recitation of  Stohothras to assist those interested to enable them to conduct classes  and service in temples.

Culture and Yogasana


-To conduct Yoga Clases 

- To have culture perfomance 




-National Youth Convention 

-Youth Camp

-National Women Convention 

-Single Mother Programme


Temple Service


-Help Temple Event 





- Prison 

- Lighting up Live

- Monthly Provision 


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